Remember that if 20 years old.
Has a dream, embrace the whole world
Has a personality, believe in yourself
With clear eyes to face everything.
In the face of pure, hiding the heat of the heart.
No way, no escape, did not conceal,
Every moment with the most perfect posture bloom.
Fall in love with the most authentic self
Proclaimed to the world
-I am I!
Tomorrow will eventually come,
But no matter how,
Should live out bright today.
Life is worthy of luxuriant feast
Is worthy of yourself!
Make decisions of my own
Do oneself life the leading role!
Always have the 20 mood!
In the mind of GLADITH, every woman is unique, they have duplicated on the charm source. "GLADITH" by the fashion for coordinates, to have 20 years old of women with the international trend mood synchronization of the fashionable dress, let each GLADITH GIRL in different Settings to perfect show ego, help each GLADITH GIRL writing their own legend.